The Lab allows a hands-on teaching and learning of Vibration Monitoring and Diagnostics of Rotary Systems. It is based on the NI PXI platform and the NI LabVIEW graphical programming software. It consists of a rotary device with loads, imperfection imitators and sensors; and a variable frequency driver for motor speed control.

Students can accelerate and decelerate the motor, balance imitators, align the axes, and study the effects of various common manufacturing and operational defects and misalignments. Using this Lab they can also master sensor data processing through the application of mathematical filters and algorithms.



  • Ability to perform 10 experiments on Vibration Monitoring and Diagnostics of Rotary Systems
  • Menu-driven navigation through the experiments
  • Immediate access to course manual
  • Visual representation of experimental results
  • Ability to save experimental results in MS EXCEL format


  • Vibrations of Induction Motor
  • Rotary Device Vibrations in Normal Operation Mode
  • Vibrations Caused by Manufacturing Defects (Misalignment and Skew of Axis)
  • Vibrations Caused by Bearing Bore Defects
  • Dependence of Vibration Characteristics on the Mass of Imbalance
  • Dependence of Vibration Characteristics on the Position of Imbalance
  • Imitation of Operating Load and its Influence on Vibration
  • Dependence of Vibration and Acoustic Parameters on the Distance between Supports and Cantilever Mounting
  • Dependence of a Rotary Device Vibration on Defects of Bearings
  • Dependence of Total Vibration of a Rotary Device on Vibroinsulation of Supports