The sensor denotes the measurement of a physical phenomenon such as the temperature of the room, the intensity of a light source or the force applied to an object begins with a sensor. Depending on the type of sensors its electrical output can be a voltage, current, resistance, or another electrical attribute that varies over time.

Data acquisition is the process of sampling signals that measures real world physical conditions and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer.

Through the Data acquisition device one can accurately and safely read the sensor produced signals.

Sensors Lab

  • Introduction to Laboratory Control Software
  • Principle of working of RTDs
  • Principle of working of Thermocouples
  • Inductive Proximity Sensors
  • Advanced and Autonomous Sensors
  • Digital Signals: Event Counting , Triggering and Synchronization
  • Fundamentals of Signal Conditioning and A/D Conversion Issues
  • Measuring Vibration using Accelerometers
  • Accelerometers : Working Principles
  • Characteristics and Applications, Current Excitation Noise and Shielding: Interference Reduction
  • Techniques and Instrumentation Amplifiers

Instrumentation Lab

  • Introduction to Laboratory Hardware
  • Op-Amp based Circuits
  • Op-Amp Circuits
  • Non-linear Circuits: Log Amplifiers
  • Digital Logic Devices and 555-Timer
  • Building 4 bit Digital Counter
  • Design of Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Measuring Op-Amp frequency characteristics
  • Testing an RC circuit with Function generator & Oscilloscope
  • Low pass filter single pole, Butterworth, High pass, Notch filters
  • Bode Plot for Systems in Transfer Functions
  • State Space Forms

Data Acquisition Lab

  • Introduction to CompactDAQ Platform
  • Introduction to Data Acquisition Fundamentals
  • Creation of a LabVIEW Data Acquisition of Finite Samples
  • Creation of a LabVIEW Continuous Data Acquisition Application and Publication of the Most Recent Result on the Internet
  • Design of an Oscilloscope and Function Generator using NI CompactDAQ and NI LabVIEW
  • Design Of Temperature data acquisition and control system
  • Design of Data Acquisition System to Measure the Velocity, Acceleration and Vibration using an Accelerometer
  • Design of a RTD Data Acquisition System to write data onto an MS Excel File