The Electric Motor Drive and Machinery Lab is based on the NI PXI platform and the NI LabVIEW graphical programming software. Using this facility, students can investigate the devices pictured on respective front panels of each laboratory work, as well as in the courseware manual.

Corresponding sections of the manual are also included in laboratory software so that a student may refresh his memory on appropriate theoretical materials, without interrupting practical work in the laboratory.


  • Ability to perform 33 experiments on Electric Motor Drive and Machines
  • Menu-driven navigation through the experiments
  • Provision for circuits of each laboratory to be pictured on front panels, illustrating positions of switches as required
  • Provision of displaying ‘hints’ for all actions performed by students
  • Immediate access to course manual
  • Visual representation of experimental results

List of Experiments

  • Synchronous motor connected to AC mains Supply/frequency inverter with DC element test
  • Synchronous motor start-up test
  • Test of Static and transient parameters of separate excitation DC Motor with rotary velocity feedback connected to non- reversive silicon controlled power supply
  • Test of Static and transient parameters of frequency inverter DC element and a cage rotor inductance motor with rotary velocity feedback
  • No load/short circuit characteristics of three-phase transformer
  • Power-up transient phenomena/short-circuit transient phenomena characteristics test in three phase transformer with no load
    Electric Machines
  • Separate excitation DC MOTOR/cage-rotor inductance motor/synchronous motor operation test
  • No-load and short-circuit operation test of cage-rotor inductance motor
  • Test of V-curve/regulation curve and angular characteristics of a synchronous motor
  • Load/no-load/short-circuit operation test of three-phase synchronous generator
  • Test of external Characteristics of three phase synchronous generator
  • Connection of a three-phase synchronous generator to the network by ideal synchronizing methods
  • Transient phenomena characteristics test of three-phase synchronous generator during three-phase short circuit of the stator coil